Stirchley Stores
An ethical, local, affordable food shop in StirchleyStirchley Stores is a co-operative with the aim of supplying ethical, affordable and local food. Sustainability and community are at the heart of Stirchley Stores, helping people contribute to the rejuvenation of their High Street.
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Veg Box Scheme

Nigel is looking for more members to join the veg box scheme.  This is Carola’s Small  organic veg box from last week. If you’re interested get in touch with to find out more.

Skills Share Gathering

FoodForest Brum/Spring to Life in partnership with Sandwell and Birmingham Permaculture group hosted their Skill Share Gathering at Uplands Allotment in Handsworth on Saturday.  It aim was to get people together and talking to learn new skills and share their own…

Sustainability Forum

Stirchley Stores was representing at the Food themed event at the Sustainability Forum …. If you’re interesting here are the 3 presentations there were on. We didn’t sell anything, but it was still a great opportunity to get our name…