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Green Drinks with Kings Heath Transition

Thinking I was going to a meeting about ‘Green Drinks’, I suddenly found myself asked to speak about Stirchley Stores’ sustainability credentials to ‘Green- minded’ people gathering for a drink! Having almost no time to prepare, I launched in telling a story of all the sustainable things I’d seen and heard whilst working at the shop (and swiftly read up from our website!)
I then shared a vision of our future SS possibilities, couched in the format “I have a dream that one day I will…” and finishing with … “And on that day we’ll say to all the corporations and institutions that have been exploiting us… free at last, free at last!!” This was followed by apparently enthusiastic applause, so whilst I may have missed some finer details, I think the majority of what we stand for came across ok.
It certainly left me realizing that what we’re actually doing as volunteers goes way beyond serving in a shop. Not to get too misty-eyed, but the shop represents a tangible expression of many of those worthy green sentiments we see bandied about and aspire to, and is definitely worth us all striving to preserve. And not just for our own benefit, but as an inspiration to others about what’s truly possible when a few people commit to acting on their principles.
Well, that’s enough evangelical stuff! However I do feel re-invigorated about the shop and it’s possibilities, so I’d recommend every volunteer to find an outlet to share what its all about!”



One thought on “Green Drinks with Kings Heath Transition

  1. Jonathan Melhuish

    Thanks so much for speaking Maddy, it was great to hear a volunteers-eye account! The day to day details as well as some of the ideology behind it.. and your future vision.. wonderful :)