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Skills Share Gathering

FoodForest Brum/Spring to Life in partnership with Sandwell and Birmingham Permaculture group hosted their Skill Share Gathering at Uplands Allotment in Handsworth on Saturday.  It aim was to get people together and talking to learn new skills and share their own on themes around food sovereignty, community wellbeing and resilience, and sustainability.

Workshops/talks included wild food foraging, permaculture, bio fuel production, apple pressing, compost toilets, soap making, herbs, Nettles and seeds….and people there knew!  There was freshly pressed apple juice and a fantastic curry provided by Food not Bombs.

Madeline and I went to do a 20 minute workshop on Food Cooperatives and gave a talk on what you can do in a month or a year.  Talking about buying groups as a quick shorter term option and a shop as a longer term bigger option.  The audience were mostly local to Handsworth and were really positive about the idea of gaining work experience and working as part of a food community group.

End Group DiscussionFreshly Pressed AppleUplands Allotment Club HouseThey are planning another skills share in the new year, which both Madeline and I would highly recommend.