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Veg Box Scheme

Nigel is looking for more members to join the veg box scheme. ¬†This is Carola’s Small ¬†organic veVeg Boxg box from last week.

If you’re interested get in touch with to find out more.

3 thoughts on “Veg Box Scheme

  1. Ali Jeffery - administrator for Canalside Community Food

    It has been a fantastic year for growing – the hot weather in July and August with occasional rain more than compensated for the cold, late start to the season. The vegetables we grow at Canalside have been thriving and producing a great bounty for the growers to harvest – it is an abundant time of year in an abundant year! Carola gets a small share of the harvest, and because there’s so much of everything at the moment, it is quite a lot of veg!

    We are a community supported agriculture scheme, we look for an on-going commitment from and relationship with the people who eat our veg (and fruit – available as a supplement to veg subscribers). We share the rewards (lots this year!) and risks of farming with our subscribers, and hope that anyone taking up a subscription would look to coming to a few work mornings a year to help with some of the tasks in the field – all led by our experienced growers, these help to keep our costs lower.

    If you’re interested in subscribing to our not-for-profit organic veg scheme, please go to our website and order a 4-week trial share of the veg harvest in the first instance: