Stirchley Stores

AGM 2013: Committee Roles

On Thursday 28th November Stirchley Stores will be having it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). All Committee positions are up for grabs and we’d really like to see as many new faces and ideas as possible. We’ve summarised each Committee role below but if you have any further queries please comment or email us at for more information!

EGM 2013 Vision


The Chair of the committee exists to facilitate the other members by leading meetings and coordinating the other members. The day-to-day tasks are to check the emails and forward them onto the relevant person, make sure actions from meetings are being done, and preparing agendas. Other bits the current chair has been doing are Twitter and Facebook stuff and odd jobs that arise from meetings.

 Loaf Liaison Officer

This role is about keeping communications running with Loaf and being a point of contact for joint discussions or queries. So far this role has included tasks such as organising progress meetings with Loaf and getting views from Loaf on proposed changes to Stirchley Stores.


This committee member would ideally coordinate a small team of members to increase the visibility of Stirchley Stores to the community and organise promotions or other initiatives to improve the profitability of the co-op.

 Rules and Ethics

The committee role for rules and ethics covers the oversight of the ‘Rules’ which govern the co-operative. This mainly involves answering queries about co-op rules and procedures, and keeping aware of meetings, procedures and decisions to make sure they are being conducted in accordance with the ‘Rules’. In addition, the role also incorporates keeping an eye on the ethics of the co-op to make sure we’re doing things as set out in the ‘Rules’, such as sourcing products in an ethical manner and ensuring that our workers welfare and rights are looked after. The role also includes the writing of procedures to assist with the day to day running of the co-op in line with the rules. One example of this was the researching, writing and testing of an ethical procurement checklist to make the process of selecting new suppliers on an ethical basis quick, simple and effective.


The Secretary organises meetings, venues and often puts the agenda together.  They also attend as many general meetings as they can and and write the minutes so that members can keep up to date with current Stirchley Stores news.  It’s also useful to be part of discussions about finances and keep up to date with how the shop is performing to ensure that we’re pulling together as a team.  In addition to the core role above, the Stirchley Stores Secretary has registered for insurance, registered with HMRC and FSA, led staff recruitment and acted as a point of contact for general queries.

 Social Secretary

The social secretary would organise events for the members or wider community of Stirchley Stores. These may include pub quiz outings, recipe-sharing nights or family events like rounders or park walks.


The Treasurer collates the information from the daily takings sheets, ensures that all invoices are paid and recorded, writes up a weekly takings sheet which is used to split the takings between Stirchley Stores and Loaf, and annually produces accounts for the AGM. On a Monthly basis the Treasurer also assesses the books to get a picture of how well we are doing. When grants are applied for, or when end of funding reports require them, figures would be produced for inclusion.