Stirchley Stores

The Future of Stirchley Stores

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has continued be part of our cooperative despite the end of the shop being nigh. You are what makes Stirchley Stores!

After April our next phase will be in the form of a buying group where you can order most of the products available today and more. We also hope pop-up shops will happen using the Loaf cookery school every month or so. The buying group will be a workers cooperative like Stirchley Stores and require a few hours a month to help with order placing and admin. If you would like to be involved please send your interest to:

You may remember in our last ‘Scoop’ email we made a final call for people looking to take on Stirchley Stores as a high-street presence. We didn’t have anyone personally interested but there should be significant funds left after our shop closes. Some of this money will be earmarked for Buying Group costs (insurance and web fees, admin, security and possibly more storage space) but the money would also be available to anyone wanting to do something else with Stirchley Stores. A number of our members are involved in the Stirchley Baths project, an organisation that is keen to work with us, so perhaps in late 2014 or 2015 when it opens a store presence can be restarted.

001 - RG4_0182 -  Musili (Medium)Our stock assets will go to the Buying Group and useful equipment will be kept for future projects. Other equipment such as the fridge will be sold or donated to a good cause. If the buying group ends and no other Stirchley Stores project is proposed our financial assets will be offered to similar organisations as stated in The Rules.

If you’ve got any comments or queries please send them to:

Thanks and I hope to see you in-store or meeting soon!

Rob Gilbert

Upcoming Events

General meeting – 12th March at 19:30-20:30 in the British Oak.

Coffee Morning – Saturday 15th March 9:00-11:00 in the Loaf cookery school. Free coffee, tea, buns and more will be on offer to volunteers!

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